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Peter Farnsworth, Naturopath Adelaide.

Consulting at: Awaken Health and Wellness Studio, 101 Grange Rd, Allenby Gardens

Welcome to Adelaide Naturopathy Clinic.

35 Years of Experience! I can help you to find a solution to your health issues.

Peter Farnsworth

A few words about me

Hello, I have substantial experience in treating all types of Skin and Women’s Health Disorders including  Anxiety and Fatigue issues. Currently, I am treating a number of  Oncology Patients for supportive therapies.  With over 35 years of experience in the Natural Health Profession, I can help you to find a solution to your health issue.

As a Senior Medical Herbalist, I have studied with many masters of Herbal Medicine. I bring a non- judgmental, compassionate approach to healing combined with a deep knowledge of both Eastern and Western Traditions.

I am a professional Naturopath / Herbalist / Nutritionist / Reflexologist and  I am registered with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS), member number 0025.

At the moment besides being in clinic I  am doing a lot of online consulting which is a great way to obtain a consultation if one is busy .

Treatment Services

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine is used to promote the body’s remarkable self -healing abilities,  prevent disease, enhance vitality,  and improve overall health. Herbal medicine has evolved over the years to include both modern and traditional asian  approaches to formulas and preparations.

The use of Herbal Medicine is evidence-based medicine and in Australia, the use of  Herbal supplements are approved and controlled by the government Therapeutic Goods Association.

At the clinic, customised  formulas are prescribed based on your individual diagnosis and presenting symptoms for your condition .


Acupressure & Reflexology

There is a saying in East Asian Medicine – to heal the body,  supply with nutrients and move the Qi . ( increase blood circulation to distribute blood nutrients )

Acupressure uses the same philosophy and Acu-points  as Acupuncture, and treats similar conditions , but without using needles . It involves applying gentle finger pressure on points held  in tandem with others to establish harmony in the body. The pressure is light, and the effect is relaxing and energising .

Reflexology is the therapeutic stimulation  of the reflexes in the foot using pressure on Reflex points to increase microcirculation to various organs , glands and tissues in body via the nervous system. Reflexology also can be diagnostic as if there is something out of balance in the body as  it will be reflected in the Foot . Removing this ” congestion” brings about a healing effect .

These therapies can be seen as essential to aid the body to heal itself and are relaxing  and create a feeling of well being . They are often combined in one treatment session for a more synergistic effect and are very complementary to those taking Herbs or supplements  .

Medical Pulse Diagnosis

The workings of the body and its functions are reflected in the pulse which is felt at the wrist. Pulse diagnosis has been practised in the Orient for thousands of years and may be considered the first traditional way of determining body organ functionality.

Each pulse position relates to a body organ and the overall pulse quality can relate to body metabolism. The pulse diagnostician feels for strength or weakness, depth, force, and width of the pulse that can reflect the balance of that organ or tissue.

MPD is a modernized version of these ancient practices and is a great advancement in determining imbalances in the your  body that are often not revealed in other tests or diagnosis .

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