What no Natural Cure for Cancer ?

  What no Natural Cure for Cancer?  Well, you’re mistaken, many may say.  Look, my friend cured his cancer by drinking Goji Berry Juice!   I heard that going on this diet is suitable for cancer. A friend of ours went to see … put on a fast and cured

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Reshi Mushroom

Chemotherapy and Natural Therapy is it a good fit?

Sam made an appointment at my clinic. When he came in, his first words were – I have cancer, and you have been nominated to assist me. It was a good start, and indeed it was a good positive start to the interview, but he did not disclose who recommended

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proton pump inhibitor

New Dangers of Acid Inhibitors

  The dangers of Acid Inhibitors, otherwise known as proton pump inhibitors ( PPI’s ), have been known for some time. The Australian Medical Journal reported possible Risks in 2016.  Example brands in Australia are omeprazole ( Losec), esomeprazole (Nexium), rabeprazole ( Pariet ). pantoprazole (  Somac ) etc. These drugs are

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Medical Pulse diagnosis

The Case of the Pitta Pulse – Mr X

THE CASE OF THE PITTA  PULSE -MR X.  Mr X was in the clinic with his friend, and as usually the case, I offered a Free Ayuvedic pulse check. I offer this to all I meet free of charge.  Mr X was not puzzled but eager to find what the pulse

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