Treatment of Herniated discs Naturally and Practically

  The following comments are of a general nature and do not apply to everyone’s personal situation. Your personal situation can only be assessed by a competent health professional. The General principles apply to cervical/neck as well as lumbar disc issues, compression issues, and other spinal complaints. Do not have

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What the Doctors don’t tell

What the doctors don’t tell  I have a great respect for doctors and I have an annual check up by one. They are great at what they do but they are human nevertheless . The following scenarios are real cases and are mentioned for your interest .  SCENARIO 1 A

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Supplement protocol for Heart Health

SUPPLEMENT PROTOCOL FOR HEART HEALTH In discussing the use of supplements for Heart Health there are different supplements for Different types of Heart Problems. For example, Hawthorn Berry is famous for assisting those who have aged related or failing hearts. This Herb, in particular, is prescribed in Europe by Doctors

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Supplements for Tradies

Supplements for Tradies  Most days I get a coffee at the local service station near our home at about 6 am each morning. While waiting i always observe  the Tradespersons coming in for their morning coffee, and pie or pastie which I presume is their breakfast! Upon conversation with the

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IMMUNITY FOR SENIORS –  a practical approach  As we age so our immunity goes into decline . This is partly determined by Genetics but also our lifestyle and envoirnment have a role to play . We are  told if our forebears died at an early age then we can modify

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