Cholesterol revisited

Recently there have been a few questions in my clinic about how to lower cholesterol and its relevance to Cardiovascular disease. (CVD)  The latest research shows that cholesterol per se is not the cause of CVD but must be seen as one contributing factor to the overall risk. Several risk

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Anxiety control

Anxiety ranks number one in mental health disorders, with some 13% or more Australians suffering from this affliction. Many Australians often feel “stressed” and do not know they have anxiety.  There are different forms of anxiety, and one main one is constitutional anxiety – this form is thought of as a

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An Introduction to Daoist Training for Health

This article is a direct copy from a blog by Craig Mallett – A Daoist Practitioner and is one of the best articles on health cultivation I have read for a while – Peter Farnsworth N.D What on earth is a Daoist? Why train in this strange Daoist way? After

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Essential blood tests for prevention of Cardiovascular disease (CVD)

  OVERVIEW : Blood and pathology tests are essential for treating disease, diagnosing disease and monitoring disease progression. Note the words in this statement – treatment of disease. Blood tests give the doctor a quick snapshot of whether pathology or disease is happening in the body. This is great for

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Nutritional Therapy

The Great Protein Debate

All nutrient groups are required for optimal health and survival. For humans, we need, Proteins ( animal or vegetarian  ), fats  ( butter, Olive oil ghee), carbohydrates ( vegetables, fruit and grains)  and water. How much of each food group we consume is always open to debate and non more

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