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The Trend in Diets April 21

With over 35 years in the health industry I have seen many trends in diets come and go . The Beach diet, Israeli Army diet, Grapefruit diet , Atkins diet, Ornish diet , Pritikin diet etc . They may have had something to offer at the time maybe too hard

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Food Energetics for Health

  Today there is a plethora of internet information on diets, nutrition , and superfoods . As this information increases so does the tendencies to promote a particular diet plan or food or supplement . It is not unusual for Health professionals to have  clients who are consuming a lot

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What is Jing

this post is from a blog written by Fusion Health and copied for your knowledge What is Jing? Jing is one of the most important concepts in Chinese medicine, where it’s traditionally said to be involved in every phase of life, from prenatal development right through to old age. But

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knee joints

Taking Care of your Knee joints

This article is copied from Terry Talks Nutrition. www.terrytalksnutrition.com Do your knees hurt? Are stairs starting to be a misery? Most people respond to the knee and joint pain by taking over-the-counter pain relievers like aspirin, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen. But those options take a tremendous toll on the stomach and liver

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New uses for Bromelain -Covid 19

Bromelain is an enzyme that is found in Pineapple stems and has been well used and researched over the years. There is some research to show that it can be useful in breaking up the walls of cancer cells making them more vulnerable to attack by the body’s immune system.

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