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Reishi Mushroom for cancer support

Cancer can be complex as there are many different types of cancers,  blood cancers, bone cancers, organ or tissue cancer, and brain cancers. It is hard to distil treatment principles into a simple regime or protocol with literally hundreds of different types of cancers. This article is not so much about the treatment of cancer but the support to the body which has developed cancer. In the main, I will be discussing cancers in general and not alluding to specific cancer.

There is no natural cure for cancer as if there were, we would all be using it,  and there would not be any need for pharmaceutical chemotherapy. Since the body has developed cancer, it is up to the body to heal itself. This is not an unreasonable expectation, but all too often, those who have cancer look for the single magic bullet ” cure ” that we have all expected from conventional pharmaceutical medicine.   Radiation, Surgery, or a Chemical product is going to give us the “cure”. Unfortunately, our bodies are not built like machines with nuts and bolts that can be fixed or lubricated at will or whim.

The body has got to where it is with cancer as a result of various influences. Hereditary or inherited cancers only comprise 2-3% of all cancers, so 97% are acquired by lifestyle Patterns of behaviour or environmental factors. Contributing factors may include, for example  –

  • Stress and emotional issues
  • Environmental toxins and pollutants
  • Poor nutrition and exercise
  • The aging process

It seems that the above factors are rarely discussed or addressed by conventional Medicine. The prevailing thought is that getting cancer is bad luck, but we have a treatment plan for you that extends your prognosis.  Unfortunately, contributing factors are not addressed unless one seeks the services of an Integrated Therapist.  Cancer support networks are there and provide a good resource for those who seek it. They offer a variety of supportive therapeutics such as meditation, tai chi, massage, acupuncture, psychology, etc. Some Naturopaths are usually on the books and can be referred to for further advice.  This is good and very positive, but the number of people seeking these services is small compared to the number of people with cancer. This is a pity, as cancer support is very beneficial to survival outcomes. If some factors can be addressed, then this assists the body in recovering its composure and obtaining new resistance.  Naturopathic oncology support is a vital link in aiding recovery for those who have cancer. Naturopaths look at the following –

  • Immune system and what can be done to boost this system, which is either a contributing factor or, by default, becomes a factor for those undergoing chemotherapy.
  • Inflammation: Cancer is an inflammatory disease, so Inflammatory factors need to be addressed.
  • Hormonal influences feature in the background and, of course, are very prominent in women who have hormonal cancer issues.
  • Insulin resistance is a factor as cancers, in general, are responsive to insulin, which can increase their size and proliferation.
  • Digestion and Detoxification are critical factors, as statistics show that most people who die of cancer die of wasting diseases called Cachexia rather than cancer itself.

Naturopathic support does not replace conventional Oncology and does not purport to cure; it seeks to support the individual’s natural defenceion and supplements are indeed e systems. Nutritvidence-based, as there is so much available at the moment. Indeed, there is so much evidence for the use of supportive nutrition that it is almost criminal to ignore it.

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Peter Farnsworth N.D

revised 12/4/24

Please note: I do not treat cancer. I offer Nutritional Therapies, Herbal Therapy and stress reduction methods to enhance good Health outcomes and support in one’s quest for good health.