Nutritional Therapy

The Great Protein Debate

All nutrient groups are required for optimal health and survival. For humans, we need, Proteins ( animal or vegetarian  ), fats  ( butter, Olive oil ghee), carbohydrates ( vegetables, fruit and grains)  and water. How much of each food group we consume is always open to debate and non more

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Yang Sheng- Cultivating Health in Modern life

  One can learn a lot about health by studying the ancient cultures of India and China. In India, one has the Study of Ayurveda – the science of life, and in China – Yang sheng –  the study of right living. Times were different when these philosophies were formulated.

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Microcirculation – the silent killer 

Microcirculation is a topic that almost is never discussed as nobody knows about it! We all know that it is good to exercise to improve circulation but, Microcirculation?   Poor Microcirculation is involved in many disorders of the body, including   Heart ( heart attack), Eye  (  especially Macular degeneration ), Kidneys,

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Sport Fitness pulse diagnosis

Oriental diagnosis – plan your future health

    Many clients visit my clinic complaining of fatigue and not feeling themselves. Yet, they often state that they have had blood tests that show nothing abnormal! John came into my clinic for a free pulse diagnosis check. His liver pulse was elevated, and I asked  -did he feel

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Resistance Band training for Seniors

After the age of 30, muscle loss gradually increases, and at the age of 70, some say that one can have lost more than 20%  of muscle than one had at thirty.  Why is this important?  Muscle loss can lead to frailty, falls, back issues, lack of mobility and coordination, 

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