Herbal Supplements for your Arthritic dog

 As a previous dog owner of two Golden Retrievers and as a Naturopath, one of the questions that I asked myself is how could  I slow down the aging process of my dogs ( and me for that matter) and how can I keep my dogs with me for a

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Healthy Bircher Muesli & Porridge Reciepe

Bircher Muesli for two or just  a hungry one  This Bircher recipe is excellent for warm weather or where you wish for a cold dish. It can be made immediately or soaked overnight and ready in the morning. Bircher muesli has many health benefits, such as assisting to lower cholesterol,

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Herbal Tonics for aging dogs

  Besides Arthritis,  Senior dogs can have cognitive decline, immune system deficiency, loss of muscle mass, and digestive issues. Some senior dogs can be overweight, which may look like muscle mass, but this can be too much fat over shrinking muscles – called sarcopenia (age-related wasting of muscles).  Sarcopenia means the

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Weight loss made easy

If this were true, there would be no books on the subject, and I would not be writing this article. So, where do things go wrong? A lot of theories but poor implementation? No, I think the real reason is habits and patterns of behaviours.   In my clinic, clients

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zinc foods

The Trend in Diets December 21

With over 35 years in the health industry, I have seen many trends in diets come and go. The Beach diet,  Israeli Army diet, Grapefruit diet, Atkins diet, Ornish diet, Pritikin diet etc. They may have had something to offer at the time, but like everything else, as new information

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