The topic of why seniors should consider taking medicinal mushrooms is gaining interest in healthcare. As people age, their immune system weakens, making them susceptible to illnesses and infections. Medicinal mushrooms have been proven to boost the immune system and offer various health benefits for seniors. Along with strengthening immunity, these mushrooms are renowned for their anti-inflammatory properties, which aid in reducing chronic pain and lowering the risk of age-related illnesses.

Twenty years ago, when little was known about medicinal mushrooms except in the Orient, I predicted their value would rival ginseng’s. It certainly has happened recently with the abundance of mushroom products online

medicinal mushrooms
Reishi Mushroom for cancer support


Mushrooms are a renewable source and relatively easy to grow compared to Ginseng. Both are suited to Senior preventative health management. 

 With the cost of mushrooms now at a better level and a variety of various types of mushrooms available, I am currently advising many clients to take up a medicinal mushroom program, not only in their diet via culinary mushrooms but also through ingesting products in either liquid or powder form. 

Liquids are convenient to take, but powders have the best chemistry profile. I take both in a broad-based blend containing several different mushroom extracts. In this way, I receive some of the benefits of each mushroom. See for examples.

I take Touchwood liquid seven mushroom blend and their powder six mushroom blend: the latter in coffee every day. I take their particular mushrooms because they are grown in Australia and are rigorously tested for potency.

Another reason I like mushrooms is that they are probiotics and help feed the microbiome, whose relevance to health and immunity has become well-researched. A broad, diverse microbiome is conducive to enhancing good immunity.

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