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There are two new stars now!

Triple strength Pain Relief – by Ethical Nutrients has something special going for it. It contains BCM-95 Curcumin that has had good clinical trials for many inflammatory disorders. This type of Curcumin is made from Tumeric by a unique extraction process that allows for better absorption, and the company has several patents on the extraction process.  The key to using Curcumin is dose and absorption, as Curcumin is hard for the body to absorb. There are several Inflammatory, metabolic pathways in the body -mainly Cox 1/2 and 5-Lox. Both Metabolic pathways ( chemical reactions) produce slightly different inflammatory chemicals that affect the body systemically as the compounds circulate in the bloodstream.  Curcumin is a good Anti-inflammatory and mainly downregulates the Cox 1 and 2 Metabolic inflammatory pathways. This product also contains Boswellia, which also is gaining good press by itself as an anti-inflammatory agent. Boswellia downregulates the 5-Lox inflammation metabolic pathways. Research has shown that combining the two results in a much better effect as both main inflammatory pathways are downregulated. Boswellia is only one of a few natural compounds that will downregulate the 5 -lox pathway, and no drug has been able to do that so far. We have trialled this mainly for Arthritis and joint pain in our clinic and are very impressed with the results. Seems a bit more effective per dose than others. As usual, we use an amount more considerable than described on the label for quicker results. This product is not cheap, but this is due to the superior quality of the ingredients and the uniqueness of the BCM-95 extraction process.

Since Curcumin and Boswellia are suitable for treating systemic inflammation, the uses are endless. Colitis, Irritable bowel, Cancer support, Polymyalgia Rheumatica, vascular inflammation, and Back pain are a few diseases mention a few. Where there is pain, there is inflammation, so reducing inflammation affects reducing pain levels.  These compounds are well tolerated, and there is little or no adverse reactions or side effects. However, we have noticed that an increase in bowel movements may occur for some people depending on the dose. Curcumin is a compound that mobilises the liver to excrete more bile and create a laxative effect. As usual, if a client is on a lot of medication, we suggest taking any natural supplement at least one hour away from the pharmaceuticals.

PEA or Palmitoylethanolamide is the new kid on the block! PEA is a fatty molecule produced in small amounts by the body in response to pain and inflammation. It is a natural cannabinoid found in our bodies and can alternative to medical cannabis for pain.  PEA is primarily used for nerve pain and neuralgia but is also used for mild Osteoarthritis. It is also being trialled for use in Fibromyalgia.  This compound is well represented in Herbs of Gold pain relief PEA available in Health food stores.

The Combination of Triple Strength Pain relief and PEA in maximum doses will be a very effective combination for anyone with pain or neuralgia problems. These Formulas need time to work, so the best results are seen if taken in good doses for several weeks.

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revised 2/1/21