Would you like Radiant Health? Reduce your Health problems? Interested in Longevity?

Master Herbalist Ron Teeguarden has been in the Herb Industry for a long while and wrote one of his first books called, Chinese Tonic Herbs in 1984. At the time this book was a very up to the minute modern description of Major Chinese Tonic Herbs and designed for the practitioner. He has been a practitioner of the  Holistic Health Arts since 1971.  His follow up book, Radiant Health, was copyrighted in 1998 and further expanded the reasons for the use of Tonic Herbs and was written for all to read (  Some covers of this book were called, The Ancient Wisdom of the Chinese Tonic Herbs.)  This book contained an explanation of the three treasures  http://www.dragonherbs.com/the-three-treasures   and the reasons why all of us may benefit from the use of Tonic Herbs to attain Radiant Health.T he Book soon became a classic as it was written for all to understand and went into the root concepts of what Radiant Health was all about and the reasons why Ancient Masters revered Herbs as longevity foods  . At the time of printing, the book was a treasure trove of up to date information on the Tonic herbs and latest scientific discoveries. Most of the information is still current and of course,  there have been updates to herbal science and Ron has kindly put this into his newsletters and Digital Catalog manuals that can be downloaded from his website http://www.dragonherbs.com. These Catalogs are updated yearly and just as well as every year there is more scientific evidence for the use of herbs for correcting various Health Disorders. This blog, however, is not a promotional blog for Dragon Herbs but to let you know that the book is still available and very much worth the price if you are interested in longevity and Health. The online catalogs are a minefield of information on Superfoods and Tonic Herbs and will certainly give you good information on what is available.

As Ron mentions in his book – in the Orient there were two main schools of thought concerning Health Care: The Medical Treatment School and the Health Promoting School. One school treats ailments after they have occurred, the other develops Health promoting approaches to prevent ailments occurring. Tonic Herbs were the original Superfoods in Chinese Culture. Today in China towns the world over there are supermarket shelves full of Chinese Patent medicines, usually in Pill form, and also shelves of packets of Herbs for use in soups, mushrooms to use as teas or food, and Herbal teas as beverages.

Now there is another central though in Asian Culture – ” BALANCE”.  A balance between the two schools of thought, a time and place for everything. The concept of balance centers is the interplay of Yin and Yang forces within the Universe.  Yang being outgoing and forceful and Yin being inward and passive. Balance, therefore, is perceived as neither too yin or too yang. The schools of thought can be divided into yang – aggressively treating ill health with medicine, the other is Yin, – gently nourishing our bodies with tonic herbs and superfoods and longevity practices.  Practices such as Qigong, Tai Chi, and Yoga are examples of the nourishing and building School practices. Yin practices are not weak just that they nurture or promote health in a gentle way.  Balance can be relative, for example – Daily walking could be perceived as a gentle yin exercise whereas two hours of power walking would be seen as very yang activity!

” Radiant Health” is not just about taking tonic herbs but achieved by a balanced lifestyle with good nourishment, a tranquil mind, and health-promoting exercise.