Ron Teeguarden

I had the pleasure of visiting Ron Teagarden’s  Dragon Herbs Health Emporium at Santa Monica late last year.  Ron’s place is the real deal, and here is a picture of Ron giving a mini herb consult to a customer. When I was there, I had a dreadful sore throat, and although Ron was not there, one of his herbalists was on duty at the counter and suggested something that could help.  ( i took the herbal capsules  for the rest of the day, and it certainly helped to resolve my situation  ) . Ron’s place is just off  Santa Monica Boulevard. It provides a quiet respite from all the frantic activities on the main strip.  I had heard about this place but did not know what to expect, but I was delighted in its Oriental ambience and friendly staff. At the Emporium, there is a herbal tea and tonic bar which I decided to try. The tea bar has a variety of teas and elixirs, and I decided to have a  cocktail of medicinal mushrooms. Great choice!  The brew was bittersweet, and I  could taste the quality of the mushrooms and feel the energy in my body move!  Wow!  Now I could say more about this place. Still, the blog’s purpose is to give accolades to Ron, whom I have followed for decades via his website and provide a plug for this place and his book – Radiant Health. Ron is always talking about quality, and his place and products personify this.

The Book Radiant health is a classic in Ancient Wisdom of Chinese Tonic Herbs. Although First published in 1998, it contains information that is still valuable today, and Ron was ahead of his time in writing this book. I refer to it often to gain background to herbs that I am researching. Ron’s website Dragon Herbs. Contains the latest information via free online catalogues that are worth looking at.

Visit  his website  for a mindful of information and good  reading –

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