Health Preservation Concepts – the Three Treasures

  THE THREE TREASURES AND YOUR HEALTH CONCEPT  Ron Teeguarden, a famous tonic herbalist quotes , – The Taoist sages who developed Chinese Tonic Herbalism discovered that a human being is composed of the three “ treasures “. The three Treasures are called Jing, Qi, and Shen. These energies are

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STAY WELL THIS WINTER -practical tips on dealing with colds & flus

STAY WELL THIS WINTER – Practical Hints on dealing with cold and flu  Colds and flu are caused by viruses which generally target the Respiratory System. They mutate every year mainly from Human to Human, or via  Animals, pigs or Birds.  They differ from each other – A cold is usually milder

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Resizi Mushroom

Chemotherapy and Natural Therapy is it a good fit?

Sam made an appointment to my clinic . When he came in his first words were – I have cancer and you have been nominated to to assist me . Good start and indeed it was a good positive start to the interview . Sam was 79 years old and

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The Case of the Pitta Pulse – Mr X

THE CASE OF THE PITTA  PULSE -MR X.  Mr. X was in the clinic with his friend and as usually the case  I offered a Free Ayuvedic pulse check. I offer this to all i meet free of change.  Mr. X was not puzzled but eager to find what the pulse

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