Herbal Tonics for Post Viral Fatigue

Herbal Tonics have been used for thousands of Years in East Asian Medicine and are as relevant for there use today as they were all those years ago. Of particular interest are those Herbs or Herbal tonics that can either help the body’s immune system to function better and thus

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POST VIRAL FATIGUE – what can i do ?

POST VIRAL FLU FATIGUE -What can I do? So you have contracted the flu and have not rested or taken Herbs or in some cases, you have taken the herbal formulas that I have recommended in a previous blog and rested but it has not worked out. You are feeling

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STAY WELL THIS WINTER -practical tips on dealing with colds & flus

STAY WELL THIS WINTER – Practical Hints on dealing with cold and flu  Colds and flu are caused by viruses which generally target the Respiratory System. They mutate every year mainly from Human to Human, or via  Animals, pigs or Birds.  They differ from each other – A cold is usually milder

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What no Natural Cure for Cancer ?

What no Natural Cure for Cancer?  Well, you are wrong many may say.  Look my friend cured his cancer by drinking Goji Berry Juice!  Look I heard that going on this diet …….. is good for cancer. A friend of ours went to see … put on a fast and

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Resizi Mushroom

Chemotherapy and Natural Therapy is it a good fit?

Sam made an appointment to my clinic . When he came in his first words were – I have cancer and you have been nominated to to assist me . Good start and indeed it was a good positive start to the interview . Sam was 79 years old and

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