POST VIRAL FATIGUE – what can i do ?

POST VIRAL FLU FATIGUE -What can I do? So you have contracted the flu and have not rested or taken Herbs or in some cases, you have taken the herbal formulas that I have recommended in a previous blog and rested but it has not worked out. You are feeling

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What no Natural Cure for Cancer ?

What no Natural Cure for Cancer?  Well, you are wrong many may say.  Look my friend cured his cancer by drinking Goji Berry Juice!  Look I heard that going on this diet …….. is good for cancer. A friend of ours went to see … put on a fast and

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Resizi Mushroom

Chemotherapy and Natural Therapy is it a good fit?

Sam made an appointment to my clinic . When he came in his first words were – I have cancer and you have been nominated to to assist me . Good start and indeed it was a good positive start to the interview . Sam was 79 years old and

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