Weight loss made easy

If this were true, there would be no books on the subject, and I would not be writing this article. So, where do things go wrong? A lot of theories but poor implementation? No, I think the real reason is habits and patterns of behaviours.   In my clinic, clients

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Supplements for Tradies

  Most days, I get a coffee at the local service station near our home at about 6 am each morning after my meditation and Qigong session. While waiting, I always observe the Tradespersons coming in for their morning coffee and pie or pastie, which I presume is their breakfast!

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Diet for Tradies

In a previous blog, I mentioned that upon obtaining my daily coffee at a local service station at 6 am; I was not surprised to see tradies coming in for their early morning coffee and either a muffin or a Pie or pastie!  If they could sell beer at that

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