Telemedicine Naturopath Herbal Medicine Appointments

Benefits to you:

  • Available 6 days a week
  • Convenience from your home or office – no traveling
  • Perfect if you are pressed for time
  • Supplements obtained from local health food stores or delivered directly to you
  • A relaxed and Flexible way of consulting on your terms
  • Real-time Face time  or phone consultation the choice is yours
  • Your privacy is assured. You  may remain visually private  if you wish via phone consultation


There are several options –  Zoom OR the free link on the appointment page – you do not need to download any software. Phone consultations also work very well and I have a number of clients who prefer the ease of this method.


  • Book your appointment by e-mail or text message  at a time convenient for you. Please give some options such as morning or evenings or weekend
  • Receive a booking confirmation and link for  instructions on how to take tongue and ear photos ( for diagnosis )
  • Send photos of tongue and ear by e-mail or phone text. This must be sent in 48 hours before the appointment to allow for analysis.
  • You will be sent a text reminder before your appointment confirming the time. Allow an hour for the consultation
  • Before the consultation commences please have a list of supplements or medications you are taking or any doctor’s reports that may be useful.
  • Suggestions on how to treat your health condition will be given during the consultation and what supplements and dietary advice may assist. The results of the diagnosis will be discussed.
  • After the consultation, and payment of the consultation fee, a written report will be sent to your phone or e-mail confirming the discussion.
  • Prescribed Herbal Medicine will be shipped to your nominated address or you may purchase locally


Although a thorough intake will be taken during the consultation a Tongue and Ear Analysis provides supportive Diagnostic information as to the contributing factors to your complaint or whole-body health. In Natural Medicine we are not just treating symptoms but also looking at causative factors that lead to ill health. You may be manifesting symptoms related to causes that you may not be aware of. The tongue reflects the body as a whole and so do the ears. Diagnostic signs on both body parts can indicate causative factors to health imbalances.

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