Ginko Biloba Herb

The amateur gardener generally surveys the landscape and purchases plants or trees to fill in the spaces to make the surrounding environment more aesthetic and pleasing to the eye. Fertilisers will be purchased ad hoc depending on the perceived condition of the soil and what is generally required for good growth of the plants. If there are pests around, pesticides are also purchased ad hoc to deal with the bugs. Rarely is the soil tested for deficiencies or toxins until plants do not grow. 

With the Professional Agriculturist, the situation is different. Plants are chosen to be grown that suit the soil and climate of the area. In particular,  one of the first things to be tested is the soil.  Soil analysis determines its chemical, physical and biological properties, such as minerals and enzymes present and water drainage capabilities.  Once these values are determined, then Soil conditioning can take place. Adding material, trace elements and fertilisers to the soil improves soil health (pH, structure) and increases plant growth. 

Similarly, Herbs and formulas may be seen as akin to special fertilisers, promoting and correcting imbalances through plant medicine:  whereas adding trace elements ( mineral therapy ) is about remedying the mineral imbalance, providing the background for Cellular tissue health and metabolism. Food is specific to acting as both a trace element resource and a fertiliser. Food is the original medicine, supplying the body with what is required for its own health.

People are living gardens, and the Naturopath is the Gardner. 

So how Does Modern Naturopathy address the promotion of Health?

To find out what is going on in the garden, the Gardner must observe clues as to what is going on and what it needs. This is reflected in signs and symptoms provided by the body in the Eyes, Ears, Tongue and pulse. Interpretation of these findings, Cross-referencing and looking for imbalance patterns help determine what Herbs or formulas may be useful in correcting the imbalance, like finding a key to a metabolic lock.

If the nature of the complaint is long-standing and serious, further analysis may be required, such as Trace Element testing through Hair analysis. This testing tests for the state of minerals in the body, mineral imbalances and toxins that may impact cellular metabolism.  This type of testing is specific for those who wish to have a customised diet typical for them to optimise cellular metabolism. A recommendation for a diet such as the Mediterranean diet may be a good allrounder for general health but not specific enough to deal with metabolic disorders that are behind all disease.