Medical Pulse diagnosis


Mr X was in the clinic with his friend, and as usually the case, I offered a Free Ayuvedic pulse check. I offer this to all I meet free of charge.  Mr X was not puzzled but eager to find what the pulse revealed. The reading was commenced, and at first, I realised that he was of an Ayurvedic Pitta constitution ( Dosha). I.e. someone whose metabolic system runs hot – a powerful and robust pulse that jumps like a frog.  Nothing else was revealed ( which means Mr x is generally in good health )  apart from the fact that I informed him that he had eaten some spicy food that day as his stomach pulse was raised. Indeed he had,  and he also confided his cholesterol was up as noted in a recent blood test. Now that could not be picked up by the pulse, but it tied into what I was feeling.  Mr X is 60 plus, so this is natural for someone in this age bracket for cholesterol to go up, and this is healthy, providing it is not too excessive. A quick quiz revealed that Mr X eats well and exercises regularly. Then the light bulb.

The moment came later – hot constitution and a strong pulse made me think of low-grade inflammation and acidity. Body acidity and inflammation can arise as we age, and so does blood pressure. Low-grade inflammation of blood vessels is now found to be the primary cause of heart disease. The inflammation causes thickening of the vascular walls and the development of Atherosclerotic plaques.  In his case, his Ayurvedic constitution ( Dosha) tends to promote acidity and inflammation.  Ayurveda medicine, the traditional medicine of India, has 5000 years of science behind it and classifies people into certain metabolic types and subtypes. Luckily for me, he was classic Pitta Dosha ( constitutional type ) which made it easier to determine what may be going on.

Now what to do lifestyle-wise if you have this constitution – 

  1. Eat an alkaline diet of 80 % veg and fruit and 20% protein. Lots of green foods and drinks and lots of coloured pigmented veg to strengthen blood vessels. Veg and fruit also contain lots of minerals that assist the blood vessel walls in maintaining their integrity. 
  2. French grape seed extract is specific for reducing inflammation in vascular systems and strengthening the integrity of the blood vessel walls. 
  3. Curcumin derived from the spice Tumeric is also specific in reducing inflammation through the body and Arterial walls.
  4. Magnesium is not only a nerve and muscle relaxer. Still, it tends to relax blood vessel walls making them a bit more elastic.
  5. Ayurvedic dietary and lifestyle suggestions for this constitution provide general guidelines on balancing this constitution’s body and mind.
  6. For cholesterol in this type, Bergamot Cholesterol care supplements act on the enzyme that produces cholesterol and reduces its activity.


 It is good to have the information on your Dosha as it can reveal a lot more of you than you think.

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Peter Farnsworth N.D

revised 2/1/21