Herbal Medicine

Modern Herbal Therapy includes functional diagnostics such as Medical Pulse diagnosis, which gives real-time feedback on what Is metabolically happening in your body.

Modern Herbal medicine promotes the body’s remarkable self-healing abilities, prevents disease, enhances vitality, and improves overall health. Modern herbal therapy has evolved to provide a whole health approach to healthcare.

Herbal Medicine is evidence-based medicine, and in Australia, the use of Herbal plant-based medicines is approved and controlled by the government Therapeutic Goods Association.

At the clinic, customised Herbal formulas are prescribed based on your Functional diagnosis and presenting symptoms of your condition. Potent, cost-effective and easy to use.

Naturopathic Pulse Diagnosis

The workings of the body and its functions are felt at the wrist's pulse. Traditional herbalists have practised pulse diagnosis for thousands of years to determine the causes of Health imbalances in the body. It may be considered the first conventional way of functional medicine practice.

Each pulse position relates to a body organ, and the overall pulse quality can connect to body metabolism. The pulse diagnostician feels for strength or weakness, depth, force, and width of the pulse that can reflect the balance of that organ or tissue. Once the pulse is analysed, a treatment plan is determined to create balance.

Naturopathic pulse diagnosis is a modernised version of these ancient practices. It is an excellent advancement in determining imbalances in your body that are often not revealed in other tests or diagnoses. It can sometimes detect illnesses before you realise they exist.

Pulse Diagnosis
Anti-inflammatory foods

Nutritional Therapy

It has been stated that we are what we eat and think! Nutrition is critical in treating any health condition and must always be the basis for any health plan.

One-size eating plan does not suit all, so nutritional advice is customised to your overall health goals, whether you are a vegan or a meat-eater.

I offer Nutritional and toxic element analysis by Hair Tissue Mineral analysis( HTMA). This test provides information on your metabolic status, mineral balance, and any Toxic chemicals present. It is an excellent test for those who wish to know what diet would suit them and to determine the appropriate vitamins and minerals to take to balance body chemistry.

  • Discover what Nutritional supplements are best for your health
  • Discover what Medications are affecting your Health.
  • What effects are pollution & toxins having on your Health and Immunity?
  • Discover the effects of stress on your metabolism; you may be surprised.
  • Are you deficient or over certain minerals?
  • Are you on the correct diet for optimal Health?
  • Are you prone to allergies? Find out the possible causes.
  • Depression, Anxiety, ADHD? What are the nutrient factors affecting your condition?

All this and more is discoverable from nutrient testing.