As a Naturopath, I am a holistic health practitioner who prioritises natural healing methods and preventive care. I  focus on treating the root cause of illnesses rather than simply alleviating symptoms. My profession emphasises the body’s ability to heal itself and the use of a combination of therapies, including herbal medicine, nutrition, and lifestyle counselling. I also advocate for patient education and empowerment, encouraging individuals to participate in their health actively.

I  use a variety of diagnostic aids to help formulate the best treatment plan for your health conditions. 

Iridology : 

Iridology examines the Patterns and phenomena of eye signs, which gives information about genetic traits and a person’s constitution. Iridology cannot diagnose disease but can determine organ strengths and weaknesses and influences on the body’s nervous system. Unlike pulse diagnosis, Iridology does not reveal what is happening in real-time but serves as a  metabolic constitutional reference. It is a perfect tool for health preventative care and supplement maintenance programs.

Nutrient & Toxic Element Testing  :

A Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis ( HTMA)  provides reliable clinical data on over 36 nutrient and toxic minerals and 27 significant mineral ratios. This information is obtained by spectrometry analysis of a hair sample. The study gives information on a person’s biochemistry, which is not often revealed in standard blood tests or dietary health intakes. This test is essential for anyone with a chronic health problem or those on specific diets who want to know how they are doing. Test, don’t guess!

Dietary Analysis : 

The analysis of diet is essential in treating any condition. Some foods can aggravate a health condition, whereas some can help. I do not subscribe to any diet or eating regime but advise on the most appropriate eating plan for the treated condition. 

Medical Tongue Diagnosis: 

The tongue provides information on internal circulation in the body, the metabolic state of various organs, the digestive system and the microbiome. In short, it is a quick visual snapshot of what is happening internally. With today’s modern photography, before and after treatment pictures can be taken to chart the body’s response to Herbal or Dietary Therapy. Photos of the sublingual tongue have been likened to having a “CT scan” of the whole body.

   Medical Pulse diagnosis ( MPD) 

Through the ages, pulse diagnosis has been utilised in the Orient to discover the root causes of health imbalances in the body, making it the earliest form of functional medicine practice. Modern pulse interpretation has refined this, called Medical pulse diagnosis ( MPD). By examining the pulse in the wrist, which reflects the functions and workings of the body, I  can identify the specific body organs associated with each pulse position. By checking for strength or weakness, depth, force, and width of the pulse, I can gauge the balance of the organ or tissue and chart a course of treatment to restore equilibrium. For example, by examining the pulse, I can determine what Herbs or supplements would suit the body and what would not. 

Medical Pulse diagnosis

Herbal Medicine ; 

Evidence-based medicine supports using many Herbs and Herbal formulas to treat many health conditions. World consumption of herbal products amounts to billions of dollars, and for a good reason-  they work! Here in Australia, products are made to pharmaceutical-grade standards and are approved by the Therapeutic Goods Commission. Research into the therapeutic properties of herbs is done continuously, and each week,  I receive new information that supports further Medicinal uses. The use of medicinal herbs is very supportive and adjunctive to conventional medical therapy and, as such, can be embraced by people of all ages. 

To summarise : 

The body reveals itself by signs and symptoms like it always has, and by reading these signs, the body shows what needs to be done to achieve balance 

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Peter Farnsworth N.D