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What no Natural Cure for Cancer?   Look, my friend cured his cancer by drinking Goji Berry Juice!    Our friend went to see Mr X … put on a fast, and cured themselves !!  If you have cancer, many well-meaning friends will offer something, especially from reading social media!  Others will say, – do not do natural therapies; they do not work! Often, friends want to avoid getting in the way and will not offer anything, and others are first to offer anything they hear that may help, well-meaning but at times ill-informed.

The situation can be confusing for those who are first diagnosed with cancer, and the first person to go to is the Oncologist- the Expert in the field. Oncologists do what they do very well, but many do not offer supportive Therapies such as Nutrition, exercise and body /mind therapies. These therapies have been proven to support and improve clinical outcomes. Similarly, many cancer patients do not know that there exists a wide range of treatments that can help their cause.

It is crucial to understand the word -cure.  Now, the word cure can mean different things to different people. For some, it is an absence of symptoms ( no symptoms, no problem ) or for others, it is a regression of or a complete resolution of the tumour itself. Cure can also mean no detectable cancer on scans or blood t cancer where it is no longer guests. When there is a cancer situation, naturally, everyone wants a cure, but perhaps this asks too much of any therapy as the body is a self-healing organism. In reality, it can only heal itself, given the right conditions. This understanding empowers you to make informed decisions about your treatment journey.

Chemotherapy and radiation are the mainstays of Western Medicine treatment,  and while helpful in treating some cancers, most do not offer a complete cure.   Chemotherapy mainly debulks a growing tumour by poisoning cancer cells but does not usually kill the stems from which cancer develops. Chemotherapy is helpful as tumours use a lot of metabolic energy and cause pressure on nerves and other vital organs. Reducing their size is therefore very important. Cancer Therapy uses chemical drugs or radiation, which can often cause damage to the body and reduce the vitality of the body’s immune system.   So immune support, good nutrition and lifestyle are critical in giving the body what it needs to heal if one is having standard-of-care therapy. Chemotherapy may provide a temporary remission of cancer. Still, if the underlying causes or patterns of behaviour are not looked at, then the factors that caused cancer in the first place will cause cancer to re-occur again sometime in the future. One cannot do the same today and can expect different results tomorrow!

Natural therapies do not offer a “cure”; we would all be using them if they did! Supportive Natural Therapies, however, can put the body in a better space or defensive mode to help deal with cancer by allowing the body to heal itself through its biological mechanisms.

The right questions should be framed around this premise. It would be good to ask yourself .-

  • What do I need to give to the body to support its self-healing?
  • What lifestyle changes or Patterns of behaviour do I need to make to promote the healing process?
  •  How do I create a healing environment for the body?
  • What factors, lifestyle le or otherwise, have led to my body developing this cancer? – what has been going on in the background. Has my body been exposed to metabolic toxins, too much stress or a poor diet?
  • What emotional or spiritual changes must I make to facilitate my body’s healing?
  • What do I need to do to modulate my body’s immune system? –
  • What stress levels am I experiencing or have I experienced?
  •  These fundamental questions need to be asked or examined, for they are at the heart of enabling the body to heal itself. Although they may seem daunting, support is available to help you work through them.

The clinic explores all these and more and offers helpful plans to support yourself in your healing. Please get in touch with me on 0438584123 for a friendly chat or –

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Please Note: I do not treat cancer as there is no natural therapy treatment for cancer, but there is good evidence-based science around nutritional support and other therapies that can help the body self-heal. Through various diagnostics, I can assist you in making good choices in this space.