white blood cells surrounding a cancer cell

What no Natural Cure for Cancer?  Well, you’re mistaken, many may say.  Look, my friend cured his cancer by drinking Goji Berry Juice!   I heard that going on this diet is suitable for cancer. A friend of ours went to see … put on a fast and cured themselves !!  It seems like if you have cancer, many well-meaning friends will offer something, especially from reading social media!  Others will say, – do not do natural therapies; they do not work!

Sometimes friends do not want to get in the way and will not offer anything, and others are first to offer anything that they hear that may help.  The situation can be confusing for those who are first diagnosed with cancer, and the first person to go to is the Oncologist- the Expert in the field. Unfortunately, many Oncologists either do not know about the role of Natural Therapies and how they could improve patient outcomes. Those doctors will warn against using  Natural Therapies as if one does not know; then the answer will always be no! So it is good to define what is a natural therapy and the word cure?  Now the word cure can mean different things to different people. For some, it is an absence of symptoms ( no symptoms, no problem ) or a retarding of cancer where it is no longer growing or complete resolution of cancer itself. Cure can also mean no detectable cancer on scans or blood tests. When there is a cancer situation, naturally, everyone wants a cure, but perhaps this is the wrong question to ask or expect of a health situation like this. To expect a cure is to expect a complete resolution to cancer.                                          Natural Therapies can mean anything naturally derived that can be used to assist the body to heal itself.

Chemotherapy and radiation are the mainstays of Western Medicine,  and while helpful in treating some cancers, most do not offer a complete cure.   Chemo mainly debulks a growing tumour by poisoning cancer cells but does not usually kill stems, cells from which cancer develops. Chemotherapy is not bad as slowing the development or reducing the size of a tumour makes sense as tumours use up a lot of energy and cause pressure on nerves and other organs. Cancer Therapy is heavily focused on the use of Chemical drugs or radiation, which can cause damage to the body and reduce the vitality of the body immune system.   In most cases, there is little mention of immune support, good nutrition or lifestyle, which is critical in giving the body what it needs to heal. Chemotherapy may provide a temporary remission of cancer. Still, if the underlying causes are not looked at, then the factors that caused cancer in the first place will cause cancer to re-occur again sometime in the future.

In reality, all that natural therapies can do is put the body in a better space or defensive mode that can deal with cancer by allowing it to heal itself by biological mechanisms.  The right questions should be framed around this premise. These questions are seldom asked during conventional medical treatments such as –

  • What do I need to give to the body to support its self-healing .e.g.:  Proper diet, nutrition, and supplements
  • What lifestyle changes do I need to make to allow this to happen? – how do I create a healing environment for the body?
  • What factors, lifestyle, le or otherwise, has led to my body developing this cancer? – what has been going on in the background.
  • What emotional and spiritual changes do I need to make to facilitate the healing of my body? – Can meditation or counselling be of use?
  • What do I need to do to stimulate my body’s immune system? – what stress levels am I experiencing or have experienced? What can be done to boost my immune system? These are the fundamental questions that need to be asked or examined, ed for they are at the heart of enabling the body to heal itself

In my post, I have mentioned God as a divine intervention as a Cure. I am not mocking this intervention as studies have shown that those who believe in the divine intervention are better placed to handle the rigours of cancer and life extension.

For Cancer Support and Nutrition, don’t hesitate to contact me, Peter Farnsworth N.D, at  https://adelaidenaturopath.net.au.

I do not treat cancer as there is no natural therapy for cancer, but there is good evidence-based science around nutritional support and other treatments that can help the body self-heal. Through various diagnostics, I can assist you in making good choices in this space.