Nutritional Therapy

Anti-inflammatory diet

Inflammation is an important part of the body’s natural immune response and can be beneficial to protect tissues, increase blood flow and support wound healing. When inflammation persists longer than necessary, it may hinder the healing process. The anti-inflammatory diet is less about food restriction, but rather, it details the

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What the Doctors don’t tell

What the doctors don’t tell  I have a great respect for doctors and I have an annual check up by one. They are great at what they do but they are human nevertheless . The following scenarios are real cases and are mentioned for your interest .  SCENARIO 1 A

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Coronary Artery Disease and what to do about it ?

Coronary Artery Disease is the general overall term to describe various diseases that affect the coronary arteries or Heart. Diseases may include Angina Pectoris, Atrial Fibrillation or Arythmia etc.  Two common diseases that stand out statistically when mentioning CAD is  Atherosclerosis and Arteriosclerosis. Both are different but are caused by the same contributing

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