Immune Enhancement for Seniors. As we age our immune system goes into decline in a process called Senescence -the process of biological aging. This can have major implications for seniors. For this article, I will define seniors as those over 70 years old but it may apply to some who are younger who are suffering advanced biological aging due to lifestyle or constitutional weakness. It is estimated that after the age of 70 one has lost 10-20% of one’s digestive function overall as compared to when one was 25 years old. This means that although one may eat well, the amount of nutrient absorption is reduced which effects immunity and its function. Supplementation will help to support and taking B group vitamins, Coenzyme Q10, Magnesium, fish oil, Grapeseed Extract, zinc, etc will all assist in ensuring vital nutrients are maintained to help with cellular health. Senescence means a higher risk of contracting colds and flu, respiratory infections and cancers.  Recent statistics have found that in any given year the flu vaccination in seniors is about 20-30 % effective.  So the question is what do we do to improve Resistance in general if we cannot afford a lot of supplements?

Astragalus 8 Herbal Formula may provide to be a suitable supplement worthy of looking at. The Herbs in the formula contain Adaptogens which help alleviate a depressed immune system.  This Herbal formula was originally designed by Chinese Doctors as part of “Fu Zheng” therapy or immunological stimulant therapy in treating cancer and other wasting diseases. It has been used to treat those who have HIV where a tonic was required to boost the immune system. The formula based on the tonic herb Astragalus which is a potent stimulator of immunity is combined with other herbs makes it more of a  balanced formula and even more effective for enhancing overall immunity.

Astragalus 8 Contains the following  Herbs –

  • Astragalus – this superior tonic herb Enhances DNA repair, Boosts immunity and retards the growth of Viruses like the cold and flu viruses,
  • Ligustrum – promotes circulation, removes toxins from the liver, and has immune enhancing properties
  • Schizandra combined with Siberian Ginseng – promotes body energy, and mental clarity, adrenal gland, and liver health
  • Licorice – treats immune deficiency and autoimmune disorders
  • Codnopsis – assists digestion and immunity
  • Reishi mushroom – is a supreme immunomodulator ( regulates the immune system), a liver tonic, assists blood pressure control and promotes good sleep and  has anti-cancer properties
  • Atractolydes – Boosts immunity, protects liver and gall bladder functions, regulates blood sugar, and helps gastrointestinal function

Typically the formula is useful for –

  1. Post-viral Fatigue recovery including Chronic fatigue syndrome
  2. Slow recovery from wounds and infections
  3. As an adjunct therapy to those having chemotherapy or radiation where immunity is lowered
  4. As preventative for warding off  colds and flu
  5. Used preventatively to support stamina, vitality and good health

This formula is designed to be taken over a long period of time as an excellent daily tonic and immune regulator.

Doses are in liquid form and tablets. Tablets are recommended for preventative use whereas liquids are used for more acute cases or where it is deemed easier to swallow in juice or water. I suggest taking in the max doses if one has an issue to work on or quicker results desired. This superior formula can be used preventatively as mentioned and I recommend perhaps for this purpose use, March to May,  and then Sept to October as this is when the change of seasons occurs.  The body can become more susceptible at this time to viral infections.  Naturally, it can be used all year round in lower doses and with an occasional break from time to time.  If one does feel a cold or flu coming on then this formula needs to be discontinued immediately and an Acute cold/flu protocol engaged. The use of the Fusion Formula Aciviral is the best formula for this purpose. Since Astragalus 8 contains a lot of Tonic herbs it should not be used to treat acute viral infections.