So you have contracted the flu and have not rested or taken Herbs or in some cases, you have taken the herbal formulas that I have recommended in a previous blog and rested but it has not worked out. You are feeling tired, worn out and have a residual cough. The worse thing is the fatigue and you are not sleeping well and feel wiped out !  Ok here are some simple tips for you – 

  1. Keep on with the ginger tea and keep warm. Refer my blog on STAY WELL THIS WINTER, Ginger has a warming effect on the whole GUT and stomach and will help the digestive process and internal circulation, If you are a hot person or feels hot on ginger tea then alternatively you can use a  teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in some warm water with lime or a dash of honey before meals .  Helping the stomach to absorb nutrients from food is very useful in regaining energy as the stomach and whole Gut is crucial to the absorption of vitamins, minerals, and proteins which are required to build a good Immune system.
  2. Not a good time to hit the gym or exercise vigorously.  Working with Lightweights is ok, yoga, tai chi, Qi gong, meditation or regular walking ( wearing warm clothes ) is better for the rebuild of the immune system and adrenal glands.  Improving blood circulation helps the body to move nutrients to where they should go, but an exercise in excess will bring on fatigue – just the opposite of what you are trying to achieve!
  3. Sleep: you probably slept a lot if you had the flu real bad and watched a lot of TV. Still good to get to bed early and rise early getting and get a good 8 hours or more.  Sometimes post viral fatigue causes sleep issues so taking a natural sleep herbal remedy is ok to use if you have this issue. Health food stores are full of good formulas. Sleeping well is a major plank in the recovery process and lack of it will impede recovery and decrease immunity.
  4. Good time for a tonic . Tonics if taken if one has the flu may increase the severity of the flu so one needs to wait until all flu symptoms abate. Your immune system and adrenals have become exhausted dealing with the virus so restorative herbs to the immune system need to be employed. Anti-viral therapy although not critical still needs to be employed for good Immune System Health .  A good formula, and in fact a famous formula, is  –ASTRAGALUS 8 . AA s an immune system booster and an adrenal restorative.  It contains Astragalus , Ligustrum fruit , Conodopsis root , Reishi mushroom , Atractolydes , Siberian Ginseng , Schisandra , and licorice .  All well known in Oriental Medicine. How it works is this –

Astragalus is good for digestion and blood building and stimulation of white blood cells. It is used for cough and breathing difficulties.

Ligustrum fruit boosts the immune system and improves some aspects of liver function 

Codnodopsis is often referred to as Poor Mans Ginseng. It is used as a digestive tonic, adrenal restorative and has some immune enhancing properties.

Reishi mushrooms are famous for their immune enhancing properties and also useful as a liver tonic.

Atractylodes strengthens the spleen and stomach and aids digestion  and is seen as having tonic properties

Siberian Ginseng is seen as a supreme adrenal gland restorative and immune system enhancer.

Schisandra is an astringent tonic benefiting the liver, lungs and adrenal glands  and their  functions 

Licorice Root is the quintessential adrenal gland tonic and has  Anti-viral properties, good for post viral cough and is a general tonic for the whole body.

Now there are more uses and properties to the above herbs but that will give you an idea of what they are used for in this formula.  This formula works by Synergy and the combination of the Herbs is found to be more useful than just working with one.   The Liquid dose is recommended such as 10mls x twice a day as liquids are more easily absorbed. Take in some warm water.  If the tableted version is preferred, then I suggest a minimum of 2 tablets x twice a day or more be taken. Naturally, children can take this formula but doses must be adjusted for age. For children, it can be taken with room temperature juice such as apple or pear. I would suggest a liquid formula to be taken first then followed up with the tableted formula. The formula needs to be taken as long as the symptoms of fatigue persist. For some that can be a few weeks or a few months.

If you are a senior, ( whatever age a senior is supposed to be ?)  for example, if you are over 60  years old,  then this formula may be considered as a great formula to take during the winter to boost the immune system. I can think of no better formula than this.  Seniors by default have lowering immunity and that is a fact as we age. Use in lower doses over a 6 month period every day for this purpose.  Having said that, it is also a good formula for those of younger years or children who are constantly coming down with colds or flu. You would take this formula in between episodes. Seniors may also wish to look at taking Ginger tea on a regular basis during the winter months.  Cooking with lots of garlic, chives and onions and cruciferous vegetables also help to boost the immune system.

Disclosure:  I have no shares or interest in either Fusion Health or Oriental Botanicals but I sure would like to have when they started!  I find the formulas excellently crafted and there has been considerable research into their manufacture and formulation. This Formula AA  is often used with Cancer patients for boosting their immune system and is a central to the Chinese concept of Fu Zheng Therapy ( strategies to boost the immune system )